Preserve Food With Kilner Jars This Summer


OK so you’ve made your jam, filled to the brim of your favourite fruity flavours and vivid summer colours, except there is one problem, you don’t know where to store it? There is one jar that can find a proud home for your jam, and that is the Kilner.

KilnerWe’ve all seen them. Those cute little glass jars with that familiar gingham patterned lid? To give you a bite size in Kilner jar history, the original Kilner Jar was invented by John Kilner & Co way back in the 1840’s. Ever since this early date of production the widely renowned food preserving creation has remained a grand and practical benchmark for other preservers to follow.

Kilner 720ML Twist Top Jar

Kilner 720ML Twist Top Jar

Whether its pickling jars, spice jars or jam jars, each Kilner preserving jar presents us with charming character, robust features and a timeless image. All of this combined makes Kilner jars the ideal compartment to store your food, herbs, spices or jams. Commonly, Kilner jars are used to pocket up home made jams, marmalade, lemon curds and any other preserved foods.
However, this isn’t where it ends. These pretty and dainty food storage jars can even be used as alternative glass sweet jars or to store other food items.

You may have even seen these jars in your Granddad’s garage, home to thousands of loose screws, nuts and bolts. Credit to versatility of the jars, as well as the authentic and homely atmosphere reflected within the Kilner range.

What Kilner Products To Buy?

Why make something great only to store it in something drab? Kilner jars can bring the finishing touches to your home made inventions and have you looking like a professional outfit.

At The Range we have many preserving jars for sale; from small jars to larger Kilner 70ml Twist Top Jars. A selection ideal to combat various volumes of food preserves. The great thing about glass preserving jars is that they incorporate both practicality and aesthetics. High quality glass, smart and well engineered Kilner jar lids, and that nostalgic gingham chequered pattern are paramount to the Kilner jars success.

kilner clear glass 1l preserve jar pack of 12

Kilner Clear Glass 1L Preserve Jar Pack Of 12

Not only do The Range hold host to individual Kilner jars, they have Kilner Jar sets such as the Kilner Clear Glass 1L Preserve Jar Pack of Twelve, pictured to the left. This ensures there is no need to top up with individual jars every time, eradicating endless trips to the store for more single jars. Buying in bulk also works out cheaper in the long run.

The Range currently stock Kilner Jam funnels, Jam tongs, wax discs and jar lids. This is more than enough Kilner equipment to achieve preserving jams at high standards for affordable prices.

Jam is a well renowned summer feature, whether on toast in the morning, scones with afternoon tea or sponges for dessert; it’s a truly versatile commodity. So if you’re looking to make your own fruit preserves, be sure to purchase some Kilner jars and merchandise. Why? They have ability to preserve efficiently and safe, look trendy and cute, as well as formulating an age old theme that carries on defeating the test of time. Kilner preserve jars have proven their worth over many years and 2013 is no exception.

If you have a favourite recipe that you’d like to share or any other Kilner jar experiences that may help budding jam makers with their first steps – then please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  • michael waite

    I tried to buy bulk from my local range in dumfries. i was told they only sell jar in singles and not by the box. this year 2014 i will be needing around 500 of the 0.5 lt jars with the twist band and lid