Power Your Ride with the Silent Force Electric Bike

Electric bike by Silent Force

Are you looking to add longer distances to your cycling route with a bit less effort? Or does the thought of a sweaty bike commute leave you cold? If you think your conventional bike ride could do with a little extra power, why not try the Silent Force Electric Bike?

An electric push bike is the perfect answer for anyone looking to get a bit more pedal power on their daily bike ride. It’s also a great option if you’re new to cycling and want to make a gentle start to this high energy activity.

The Silent Force packs a punch – main features

With a high capacity Lithium battery and 36V motor, the Silent Force will help you hit faster speeds with minimal effort. Cruise through traffic or get an added boost on hills with an assisted speed of 25kmph.  Of course if you’re serious about working out those calf muscles, you’ve also got the option of accelerating to higher speeds by pedalling.

The Silent Force Electric Bike is all about ease of use with a low step frame for easy dismounting. You’ll also be able to ride it for up to 100km on a single charge.

When it comes to safety and your electric bike, Silent Force has it covered.  With flashing LED lights studded into its pedals, you’ll be able to alert other road users of your presence.  And if leaving your electric bike parked out in the open makes you nervous, the lock-protected removable battery should put your mind at ease.

An affordable electric bike 

Electric bike

You’ll be surprised that these state-of-the-art features don’t cost the earth. The Silent Force Electric Bike is available at a great value cost of £499.99; a fantastic price when compared to some of the other electric bikes on the market.



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Cycling safety tips

Excited about getting on your Silent Force but worried about staying safe on the road? Cycling safely is all about being aware of your surroundings while enjoying the open road. Try this basic advice when you’re out cycling the next time for a fun and safe ride.

 Be seen

You’re more likely to be safe if you’re easy to spot on the road. Make sure you get your high visibility gear out before any bike ride. With the Silent Force, you’ve also got the added feature of LED pedals to ensure high visibility.

Strap on your helmet

Protect yourself from injuries with a good quality helmet. Make sure that the helmet is on the same level as your head and that the strap is snug.

Make eye contact

Try to look passing motorists in the eye so you’re sure they have seen you and are aware of your movements.

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