Live BIG In A Small Home

living big in a small house

As with all things these days we appear to be getting less than we used to. Whether it’s your chocolate bar, your wagon wheel (ok that one may be just part of getting older) or your packet of crisps that appear to be filling less and less of the bag, you can see it happening everywhere!

Homes are no different with new builds cutting down on size, this article proves my point about living big in a small home, however don’t despair we can help you turn your small living space into the Pandora’s Box of the modern world. Impress yourself and your friends as you make the use of space you never even knew you had with these 5 great tips from The Range.

Live BIG In A Small Home

1. Cut The Fat
We all have items we don’t really need lying around, that drawer in the living room full of cables, that clutter under the coffee table, sofas and bed. The quickest and easiest way to get some room to breathe is to simply get rid of that clutter. However like with many things this is all too often easier said than done, and we understand, that lamp you have been carrying with you from home to home may well have deep rooted emotional ties with you, but we urge you to stay strong in this time of dismay.

Storage boxes can free up alot of space.

Storage boxes can free up alot of space.

To make things easier we recommend investing in some stickers, you can use whatever your like, as long as you can give them meaning, associate each sticker with how much you care about the item in your home. From “ready to chuck” to “never leaving my sight” after you have completed this task you should have a clear visual idea of just how much you can chuck.

2. Have a Plan
Now that you have cleared that clutter and you know what space you have to work with its time to plan. Remember every inch and every cubby hole counts! You’re going to have to plan not only where your furniture will go but also where all your items will live, designate what will live where before moving onto the next stage. If you know your Vacuum Cleaner, mop and ironing board will all need to fit into a designated cupboard, then when you go out to buy one you will know the requirements and you can pick your product based on the size you need. This is much easier than buying and then finding a home for the item after and it will cut down on wasted un-organised space. Remember to take measurements in full of the space that is available and if possible make a list of all the items you require and where they will live. This will pay off in the future!

3. Pick Your Furniture Wisely
When space is a commodity you just don’t have, being wise with furniture is your best friend. Space saving dining sets such as this gate leg table from Julian Bowen, really helps you get that extra floor space without having to sacrifice the comforts of a functional dining table. But it doesn’t stop there, folding chairs, corner units, Nesting Tables and low bookcases which fit neatly under windows, all help you to make the most of your space. Always remember point 2 first, when deciding on furniture for your small domicile, measure twice and you won’t be making space sacrifices later.

4. Hidden Storage
So you have got your furniture, you have planned out where everything will go and your still struggling to swing whiskers the cat around. Now it’s time to see the unseen….. Never fear, there is still storage gold to be found in living room, bedroom and home. Vacuum bags can be your best friend while trying to create storage space where there is none, condensing bedding, towels and even out of season clothing is a perfect way to maximise your space.

Organisation is key.

organisation is key.

Remember that space under your bed, where you can find old socks and long forgotten “treasures”? Well its time to make use of that space, either by using storage boxes that can fit neatly in the space or consider buying a bedframe incorporating drawers. These two examples are just a few examples of hidden storage; other ideas to consider may be storage ottomans, Storage stools and door hanging racks, all of which can squeeze some extra space into your other-wise full home.

5. Keep it up and keep going
Finally, make use of space that may and may not be yours. If you live in a shared building such as a block of flats you may have access to some communal storage areas such as cleaning cupboards, sheds, garages and attics.

Remember to make use of your space, but always ensure that your goods will be safe, let others know you are keeping items in there and impress your fellow building dwellers with your new found storage skills. Now’s the time to reflect on the above points and make a deal with yourself to keep it up, remember clutter and unorganised storage wastes space, so be mindful next time you place something under the bed as this can be used to store a variety of things.

Space will always be on a trade off, but if you live smart, stay tidy and organised, you can make a cupboard into a kingdom.

However ultimately, if you can’t bear to part with that large solid dining table, or that spacious corner suite you love to lounge about on a lazy Sunday, then it may be time to think about upsizing to a larger home.

We hope you make use of our tips and please share your space saving tips with us; we would love to hear how you make the most of your small living area.

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