How to Dress Your Wedding Tables

decorating your wedding tables

You have the venue; you know your table layout and where everyone will be sitting so now it’s time to decorate your wedding table tops. We have put together a short and simple how to guide for decorating your wedding guest tables.

Wedding Table Decorations Ideas

1. Decide on a theme
Table themes reflect you and your partner’s relationship and character; this could be shown through a season, flower, colour or even a styled theme such as reading, under the sea or even sports. When choosing your theme it is worth keeping in mind that certain colours work well for different seasons. For instance gold, silver and deep reds are suitable staples for winter weddings whereas soft pastel shades or vibrant colours are most suited to summer.

2. Name your table
Now that you have your theme in mind it’s time to name your tables. This isn’t a necessary step, not everybody likes to name their tables – a simple 1, 2, 3 can do – but if you have a creative or romantic theme it is nice to keep it going for you and your guests. Be it the names of your pets, favourite books, quotes or even special dates from your past, naming your table adds fun and personality to your table layout.

Wedding Table Decorations

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3. Design your centrepiece
Centrepieces can be tricky, there is so much that you can do with the middle of your wedding table and it’s important to get it right. Something to keep in mind when designing your table centrepiece is size, a wedding table decoration too tall and too wide can be frustrating for you and your guests. You should try to consider your guests view and ensure that they can see the opposite side of the table as well as the top table. Most brides opt for a floral or candle decoration, each of which are incredibly diverse. If you decide on a floral arrangement in a vase it is good to use sweet smelling flowers – nothing too overpowering – roses or lavender are nice options but if you’d rather not have scents lingering try an artificial bouquet. When choosing candles forget to think about the size and shape you would like as vases can vary. Try floating candles in a bowl, setting a church candle in a crackle hurricane vase surrounded by small led lights or choose a simple silver lantern. The options are endless.

Wedding Table Ideas

4. Choose your wedding favours
Table top treats are a great way to thank you guests for coming as well as keeping them entertained during any possible delays. Consider your theme when you decide between sweet treats in a little bucket, champagne shaped bubbles, boxed wedding cakes or something handmade and sentimental. Also place a couple of disposable cameras on each table and collect them at the end of the day so that you can see your wedding through your guest’s eyes.

Inspiration For Your Table

Inspiration For Your Table

5. Declutter your tables
Quite often the more simple the design, the more effective it is, consider the amount of items that are on your table and ask yourself if it’s possible to combine any. Try using your favours as name cards to save space and make sure everyone gets a suitable favour or think about how you could include the table names in your centerpiece design.

6. Add finishing touches
Finish off the perfect table with a scatter of confetti or petals. These will add that final celebration feel to your tables.

7. Get involved
You designed this table and know exactly what you want it to look like so try to get involved in the set up by creating one table and asking others to follow suit. If you are not going to be decorating the tables, we suggest creating a detailed brief for those who will be. The last thing you will want is to arrive to a completely different layout than you had in your head.

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