Flea Prevention Tips

Flea Prevention Tips

Flea Prevention Tips – If you are a pet lover, you are likely to have experienced fleas at some point. Annoying little things aren’t they? The problem is they are often more annoying than most pet owner’s think.

We all know that fleas can cause your four legged friend to itch, scratch, and writhe around causing them great discomfort, but do you know how best to treat the blood sucking critters? As the temperature increases so too does the risk of your pet attracting fleas, so now is a great time to start talking about measures to detect and prevent a flea infestation.

Flea Control

It can be hard to detect a flea that is, at most, 3mm long and can move at speed. We have three easy methods to check your beloved pet.

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‣ A good way of searching for fleas is to lay your pet down and separate the hairs around the base of its tail, along the back of its legs, on the stomach and on its neck and ears. If you come across black specs in your pet’s fur or in their bed, it could be ‘flea poo’ – a combination of dried blood and flea excrement.

‣ Lay your four legged friend on a white sheet whilst you brush them or blow them with a hair dryer. Some fleas will jump from your pet onto the sheet, where you can easily spot them. Even if you don’t find any fleas, you may spot some flea dirt on the white sheet, so you can be sure your cat or dog has a flea infestation.

‣ Brush a flea comb through their fur, making sure it reaches the skin. If you notice black specs on the flea comb, it could well be flea dirt. If you catch fleas in the comb, be quick to drown them in a bowl of soapy water before they can escape and find their way back to your pet. Using washing up liquid in the bowl will ensure the fleas sink.

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Regain Control
‣ Protecting your pet from fleas isn’t a once a year job, it is an on-going battle and one we want to make as easy as possible. We have the following advice that will put you well on the way to regaining the control of your home and putting the life back into your dearly loved pet.

Time for a bath
‣ Once your home has been thoroughly cleaned, it’s important that you bath your pet using flea shampoo. It is vital that fleas on your pet are eliminated so they don’t continue to reproduce in your home and start reproducing.

Remember to Brush up
‣ After a good clean, you need to be sure that all of the fleas and eggs in your pet’s fur are killed. Often flea eggs can remain dormant for months on end, even sustaining winter temperatures before they decide to hatch. Therefore, we recommend a daily brush with soapy water and a flea comb to eliminate any stragglers that could reproduce another strong army. Not only that, every four legged friend loves a good old brush.

Flea Treatment

‣ Once your pet is clean and fresh, you need to ensure they are fully treated. A flea tablet can be easily swallowed if wrapped in ham. You can also apply some flea drops onto the fur between the shoulder blades on the back of your pet’s neck – out of licking reach, and will soak into the skin easily. This should keep fleas at bay if a routine is kept in place.

We hope you have enjoyed our Flea Prevention Tips guide and have found a way to eradicate the pesky fleas! If you have any methods or suggestions to share with our readers please leave us a comment below.

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