Festival Essentials Guide

Festival Weekend Essentials Guide

It’s that time of year again, where the festival fun begins and we are looking forward to a fun filled weekend. Whether it’s the Isle of Wight in June, T in the Park in July or any of the other fab festivals going on this summer, we all have our favourites that we love to attend. Festivals are all about mind blowing music and enjoying an electric atmosphere with friends, camping also plays a big part in the whole experience so we are here to help you make your festival weekend run smoothly and disaster free with our festival essentials.

Festival Essentials

It is important to think about the festival essentials that you will need to make sure your stay is as enjoyable as possible. Have you got a tent, a warm sleeping bag and other camping equipment such as a torch or lantern?  We have come up with six basic essentials to get you through your festival fun weekend.

A fun filled weekend.

A fun filled weekend.

First on our festival essentials list is a fashionable pair of wellies. Keeping your feet warm and dry is one of the hardest things to do, especially if the weather takes a turn for the worst. The last thing you want is to wake up to a wet muddy field and not have suitable footwear to get you comfortably through the day. Another important item for if the heavens open is a rain mac. Whether you go for a simple design from our friends at Regatta or something to make a statement, a thin waterproof coat will be your party savior during any showers of rain.

Being prepared for all weathers is a must so if you’re hoping for wall to wall sunshine whilst you’re at your desired festival then be sure to pack your sun cream. Do not under estimate how powerful the sun can be because trust us; peeling isn’t a good look for anyone.

There is nothing worse than being too cold, it can make us so miserable and suck the fun out of the weekend. So number four on our list is to make sure that you have enough warm clothes for every day that you are there along with a back up outfit encase the weather takes a bad turn.

Become one with nature.

Become one with nature.

Number five is a tricky one as there is so much to choose from; your tent has to be right for your needs and big enough for the number of people you have to accommodate. You should consider whether or not you would like an outside shelter to sit under, as this can come in handy to hide from the weather but still embrace the fresh air and atmosphere around you.

Finally we have the beloved sleeping bag. We guarantee that this will be your best friend after a long day of dancing and soaking up the ambience. When you’re tired and ready to go home, have a five minute power nap in the warm and you will be revived in no time. We also recommend having a packet of handy wet wipes with you in case the washing facilities are below par or non-existent.

So now you’re equipped with the camping essentials it’s time to hit your festival hard and have an amazing time! We hope you make the most of our tips and have a festival experience that will never be forgotten; we would love to hear how it went and what part you enjoyed the most!

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