Power Your Ride with the Silent Force Electric Bike

Are you looking to add longer distances to your cycling route with a bit less effort? Or does the thought of a sweaty bike commute leave you cold? If you think your conventional bike ride could do with a little extra power, why not try the Silent Force Electric Bike?

An electric push bike is the perfect answer for anyone looking to get a bit more pedal power on their daily bike ride. It’s also a great option if you’re new to cycling and want to make a gentle start to this high energy activity.

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Festival Essentials Guide

Festival Weekend Essentials Guide

It’s that time of year again, where the festival fun begins and we are looking forward to a fun filled weekend. Whether it’s the Isle of Wight in June, T in the Park in July or any of the other fab festivals going on this summer, we all have our favourites that we love to attend. Festivals are all about mind blowing music and enjoying an electric atmosphere with friends, camping also plays a big part in the whole experience so we are here to help you make your festival weekend run smoothly and disaster free with our festival essentials.
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Get Your Kids Enjoying Outdoor Activities

get your kids enjoying the great outdoors

Do you remember when you were a child and your mum had to scream at the top of her lung’s to call you in for your tea? But all you wanted to do was stay outside and play with your friends in the woods, until it got dark. Playing hide and seek, British Bulldog, making dens from random bits of wood that you found, and inventing all sorts of silly games to play; imagination was the only thing you needed back then. Continue reading