4 Easy Ideas For Hosting A Summer Garden Party

4 easy ideas for hosting a summer garden party1

There’s no place quite like home this summer for a little fun in the sun. Make your garden the perfect party venue with these easy entertainment ideas. From impromptu barbies with family and friends to water-park inspired shenanigans for the kids, there’s plenty of inspiration for a memorable garden get-together.

Get your game on
If you have a decent sized garden, why not portion off a section for some fun games? Kids and adults can get involved in classics like piñata, limbo, badminton and treasure hunt. You can also include age-specific clues and prizes to keep everyone happy. If you have more garden space to play with and want to keep events a bit more structured, you could have separate areas for adults and kids.


Water fun
Nothing says summer party quite like a garden pool. If you’re stuck for space but still want to keep the kids busy, an inflatable pool can be a great idea. There’s plenty of styles to choose from in our pools and accessories section. If you have a large enough decking or patio area, the 8 foot Fast Set Family Pool can make a perfect addition to the garden.
To ensure the kids have a really good time, you can set up water slides, paddling pools and plenty of inflatables. Just make sure that there’s an adult supervising any children in the water.


Trampoline time
If you’re stuck for ideas for a kid’s garden party, look no further than the trampoline. It’s a great way to get the kids away from screens and into the fresh air. Trampolines also help co-ordination and motor skills and will have even surly teenagers squealing in delight.
Make sure that kids have a fun and safe time by restricting use to one child at time as this can reduce the risk of collisions and accidents. When choosing a trampoline, try to pick one with safety netting and pads. You might also want to make sure that you position the trampoline in a clear area in your garden, facing away from trees, washing lines and any other obstruction.

The great British BBQ

  • You may not have a theme to your party or a glamorous garden, but a good barbecue can still make your ‘do’ a roaring success. Follow these handy tips for a fun barbie.
  • Before you fire up the coals, make sure you have plenty in stock, the same goes for lighter fluid and basting brushes.
  • When cooking meat, try writing ‘rare’ ‘medium’ and ‘well done’ on sheets of parchment paper and placing them in guests’ plates. This way, everyone knows exactly what they are having as it comes off the grill.
  • It’s good barbecue etiquette to use a different grill for vegetarians.
  • Have plenty of sun block and insect repellent out to make sure your guests are comfortable.
  • You can brighten up the dullest of gardens with just a string of bunting and fairy lights.
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